Below Deck: Captain Lee Denies Liking Pro-Trump IG Post Amid Capitol Riot

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Captain Lee denies liking a pro-Trump Instagram post Siggy Flicker shared on Instagram. Fans took to Twitter to talk about the misunderstanding.

Fans recently noticed Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck "liked" a video shared by former The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, Siggy Flicker. The video showed support for rioters who recently stormed the US Capitol. While fans were initially angry with Captain Lee, the seasoned seamen is now denying he was the one to hit the "like" button.

Captain Lee has been working in the industry and as a captain on superyachts for more than 40 years now. He came into fame when he joined the popular Bravo series for its very first season in 2013. Since then, he has been a mainstay on the show, guiding crew after crew through messy charter seasons. While Captain Lee is well-liked by the viewers of the show, it seems he may have gotten himself into some hot water on Instagram.

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According to All About The Tea, the former housewife, who is known for her undying support for Donald Trump, shared a video of a plane carrying Trump supporters to Washington DC on Instagram. The passengers were all singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” even dropping their masks while belting out the lyrics. “Flight to Washington DC today! Love PATRIOTS so much!!! America is the home of the FREE because of the BRAVE!!!,” Siggy captioned the video. Since Siggy has the comment feature disabled on her account, fans took to Twitter after a user noticed Captain Lee liked the video. A fan took a screenshot of the video, pointing out the Captain's like. While it is no shock to fans that Siggy is a massive Trump supporter, it took many by surprise when they saw Captain Lee lend his support to anything related to Trump amid the Capitol Riot.

Siggy Flicker on rhonj

However, Captain Lee insisted he did not like the post, as he avoids talking about politics on social media. “Sorry wasn’t me, if you know me, you also know you have never seen anything political on any of my platforms, I don’t allow it,” he wrote on Twitter as a reply to the fan who took the screenshot. While many believed the account who liked the video was a fake, a follower insisted that the “like” did come from the reality star's actual Instagram account. However, they wrote it off as an accident or a hack. “It’s on his Instagram. That is his account. However, he does really never involve himself in politics so probably an accidental like or someone hacked him,” the follower said.

Captain Lee assured his followers he did not agree with this message and believes someone must have cropped two different images and place them together. Siggy has since blocked the identity of the users who like her post, so fans are unable to see if Captain Lee fixed the situation. There is a very good chance Captain Lee came across Siggy's Instagram and accidentally "liked" the image while snooping through her page. After all, it has happened to the best of us.

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Sources: All About The Tea


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