Bridgerton: Daphne & Simon TikTok Musical Gets Netflix’s Endorsement

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Bridgerton fans have composed songs devoted to the show on TikTok, and now Netflix has given the musical in the making its seal of approval.

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Recent TikTok songs devoted to Bridgerton have caught the attention of Netflix, who approves of the fan-made musical. The brand-new series premiered on Christmas Day and quickly became a run away hit for the streaming service. Audiences were drawn in by Bridgerton's potent combination of period drama and modern soap opera. The show follows the title Bridgertons, as well as other families in their London orbit. It takes place during "the season," a time in which eligible young people search for a match.

Bridgerton season 1 centered around Daphne, the oldest Bridgerton daughter, and Simon, the Duke of Hastings. The two share a deep connection, and their romance has been one of the biggest talking points since the series debuted. While many enjoy their chemistry and witty banter, others have pointed out the toxic elements of their relationship. One scene in particular has drawn a lot of ire, as it depicts a nonconsensual encounter between the two. Despite this controversy, though, it's expected Bridgerton will be back for season 2. Netflix hasn't formally renewed the series, but production will reportedly begin on the new episodes in March.

Considering many viewers have passionate opinions about Bridgerton, it doesn't comes as much of a surprise it's inspired some to create songs from the perspective of the characters. Abigail Barlow kicked things off on TikTok, though others have since joined the fun. This includes Netflix, who shared a video of Barlow duetting with Nick Daly on a Simon and Daphne inspired song titled "Burn for You." The streamer said it's "blown away" by fans' creativity.

"Burn for You" is a reference to an exchange between Daphne and Simon following their wedding. It's a part of the one of the couple's biggest scenes, so it seemed destined to receive the musical treatment. TikTok musicals have become something of a trend this year, with Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical arguably the most well-known. That endeavor turned into a full blown filmed concert earlier this month, raising over a million dollars for The Actors Fund. Considering the positive reception to the Bridgerton songs, it's certainly possible they could receive a similar tribute.

The musical shows fans are connecting with Bridgerton at a high level. It's clear the characters resonate with many, inspiring them to create their own works based on the series. Hopefully, Netflix renews Bridgerton for season 2 soon, giving creative TikTok users even more material to work with.

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Source: Netflix, Abigail Barlow


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