Chris Hemsworth Wishes Liam Hemsworth A Happy Birthday With Old Photo

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To wish his brother Liam Hemsworth a happy 31st birthday, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth shares a photo of them together as kids on his Instagram.

Chris Hemsworth Shares Photo Of Himself And Brother Liam Hemsworth As Children

Chris Hemsworth wishes his brother Liam Hemsworth a happy birthday by sharing a throwback photo of the two of them as kids. After growing up in Australia and spending their early acting careers in their country's soap operas, both Hemsworth brothers went on to become global stars thanks to roles in some massive blockbuster franchises. Their other brother, Luke Hemsworth, is an actor as well.

Though his first big-budget movie appearance was as Kirk's dad in 2009's Star Trek reboot, Chris Hemsworth is most known to audiences for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a role he has held for almost a decade. Liam also auditioned for the part, but while Kevin Feige couldn't see him as the Norse God of Thunder, he would find similar success as Gale in all four movies in the Hunger Games series. Both Hemsworth brothers have been seen by studios as franchise headliners, with Chris starring in Men in Black: International and Liam in Independence Day: Resurgence, though they have also displayed solid comedic chops when given the chance.

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With them having risen to celebrity status around the same time, fans are well invested in the warm relationship between the two brothers, and Chris' latest Instagram post only adds fuel to that fire. To wish Liam a happy 31st birthday, he shared a photo of them together as kids, joking that it was taken only three years ago. Admirers of the Hemsworths will be happy to know that they do indeed look like mini versions of their current selves.

Missing from the photo, as well as from wider public consciousness, is Luke Hemsworth, the eldest of the three brothers. Viewers of HBO's Westworld will know him as Ashley Stubbs, the park's Head of Security, but Marvel fans more familiar with Chris might be surprised to learn he also had a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok as an Asgardian actor playing Thor in a theatrical production. They might've been too distracted by Matt Damon's gripping take on Loki to notice, but this means all three Hemsworths have at one point or another pretended to be the superhero, even if just in auditions.

While it's unclear if all of them will feature in 2021 releases, they do have projects in the pipeline. Chris will follow up on the success of last year's Extraction by making another movie for Netflix, this time a sci-fi story called Escape from Spiderhead about prisoners that test out a new drug to shorten their sentences. He is also set to appear in a guest role in Marvel's Disney+ series What If...?which explores what would happen if major MCU events occurred differently, while Luke will return in the upcoming fourth season of Westworld. However, with the streaming service Quibi having gone under, things for Liam are a bit less certain. He was the star of their action TV series Most Dangerous Game and scored an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, but it's unclear if the planned second season will be able to move forward.

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