Overwatch's Japan-Themed Kanezaka Map Has a Cat Cafe

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Overwatch's new Kanezaka map come with challenges and some epic rewards, but more importantly a cafe where one can meet the developer's pets.

Overwatch Kanezaka cat cafe

Overwatch has launched its new map: the Japanese-themed Kanezaka map, which includes a feline surprise. A serene town nestled under Hanamura, there are a few attractions to stop at while touring the town, like Mochi's Pottery School, the local bar, or the coziest place to be in a deathmatch map, the Cat Café. There is a challenge event within Kanezaka at the moment too, giving players a chance to earn some sweet rewards.

The new free-for-all map was revealed at the end of 2020, promising to hold some intriguing lore for the already well fleshed out world, especially about the Shimada brothers. Players can also spot some easter eggs for Overwatch 2 in this map, which will reveal a little more about the highly anticipated sequel that designer Jeff Kaplan says fans will hear more about at the 2021 Blizzcon Online event in February.

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In the meantime, the Kanezaka map is giving fans lots to keep them busy, and the Cat Café is just the beginning. According to the Blizzard website, the Kanezaka Challenge runs through January 25th, and players have the chance to earn a player icon, seven different sprays, and an epic skin for the archer Hanzo. Collect these by winning games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade. Win three games to earn a limited-time player icon, win six games to earn a new spray, and win nine games to earn the Kyōgisha Hanzo epic skin. Players can also earn six more unique sprays by watching any Twitch stream of Overwatch from the Overwatch game category. Watching for two hours will get viewers one spray, watch another two hours and earn two m

ore sprays, and watch for six hours in total to get another three sprays. Note that to be eligible for these Twitch drops, players' Blizzard accounts must be linked to their Twitch accounts. Apart from all of these handsome prizes to be won is perhaps the best feature of the Kanezaka map shown in the YouTube video from PlayOverwatch's channel: the Cat Café, where unfortunately there are no cats present to cuddle during a tense battle, but players can go there to see pictures of the developers' pets on the walls.

The biggest prize to be won in this challenge is the new skin for Hanzo, which resembles his current getup closely. A noticeable difference is that his boots, bow and quiver all have a green glow that distinctly resembles the cybernetic attachments on his brother, Genji. There are many skins for all the characters in Overwatch to please just about any player's fancy, there were even the 2020 Overwatch League All-Stars skins that players could don to support their favorite teams.

Perhaps the trickle of Genji's look in Hanzo's new epic skin is also a hint at some narrative about the two brothers. Overwatch is bursting with lore and secrets to find, and this map seems as though it will be no different. Hopefully fans get some more information about Overwatch 2 next month, and while they wait they can admire the pets of the people behind the game.

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Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Blizzard, PlayOverwatch/YouTube


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