Summer House: Danielle Olivera's Age, Instagram, Job & More

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Summer House OG Danielle Olivera is generally considered the show's underdog, but she has an interesting background and Instagram profile.

Danielle Olivera from Summer House is an original cast member who is considered the quiet ninja of the season, and we've gathered facts about her age, background, and social media presence. The reality star has always been open about her career and hectic lifestyle. She resides in Hoboken, NJ. She is known for working extremely hard. However, there is more to her than a strong work ethic. 

The end of another fabulous Summer House season is on the horizon, and the drama has not been disappointing. We watched as Carl Radke finally got sober after three seasons of questionable behavior. Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are still engaged, and they may get married this summer. Luke Gulbranson went from hot to not, and Hannah Berner got engaged to Des Bishop, who is her father’s age. Des is a comedian like Hannah, so it's no wonder they got together. Danielle often flies under the radar, but she is still an interesting cast member.

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While she's one of the most serious cast members, Danielle did get attention for hooking up with Carl. While the others partied, she made it clear that her work was her number one priority. She would catch the last Jitney to the Hamptons and even took some time off from the show to concentrate on work. Now, fans are seeing a more balanced side of Danielle, who has shaded Hannah for accusations against Lindsay. She is actually enjoying the summer that she paid for. See her looking stylish on Instagram below:

As per LinkedIn, we know that Danielle is a project manager in New York. She has been a freelancer in the past. According to the profile, she has a certificate in Software Product Management (SPM) and a Scrum Master Certificate. Her @danielleolivera Instagram has almost 100,000 followers. She often posts boss bit*h selfies while slaying it.  The 30-year-old is happy to try and find a relationship now, and fans are currently watching that adventure unfold. See her relaxing during a Tulum getaway below:

Danielle is the self-proclaimed dork whom every fan loves. Some people think she does nothing to really contribute to the show. It's like she's just there. However, she always gets invited back for the new season. Fans are gearing up for the season finale, as the show has promised some major hook-ups between certain cast members. S,o everyone should grab their popcorn and Loverboy (Kyle Cooke owns the Loverboy brand) while they sit back and watch the magic of an East Coast summer play out.

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Summer House airs Thursday at 9 pm EST on Bravo

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