Walking Dead's New Spinoff Can Lead Into Rick Grimes' Movies

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The Walking Dead's spinoff show for Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) can lead into the movies with Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes.


The Walking Dead’s new spinoff for Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) has the perfect way to lead into The Walking Dead movies. Though no release dates have been announced, AMC is committed to making a trilogy of movies about Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

After being established as the main protagonist of The Walking Dead for several years, Rick would leave the series early in season 9 - an unexpected decision that was made so that the actor could spend more time with his family. He was written off the show through an explosion on a bridge. It was believed by the other characters that he died in the blast, but the end of his final episode showed him being found by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), who made sure he was rescued by the people in the mysterious black helicopter. In The Walking Dead season 10, Michonne (Danai Gurira) found out that he was still alive and went off to find him, thus opening the door for her to join him in the movies. AMC did more to lay the groundwork for the films through Walking Dead: World Beyond, a show which explored the group that took Rick.

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The Walking Dead’s next spinoff could complete the setup through one of its spinoffs. It’s been confirmed that after The Walking Dead ends with season 11, Daryl and Carol will receive their own series. The implication is that since the series will be about them rather than everyone in Alexandria, the two will leave the community and strike off on their own. This possibility has already been discussed by Carol and Daryl themselves in season 10, so this does seem to be the direction the spinoff will take. What isn’t known is what Carol and Daryl's long-term plans will be.

Carol and Daryl in The Walking Dead

It’s possible that finding Rick will be their objective in the spinoff. Neither character is aware that he still lives at this juncture, but The Walking Dead season 10 has already created two different ways for them to find out the truth. First of all, there’s Judith (Cailey Fleming), who knows her father is alive and out there somewhere. She intentionally didn’t tell Daryl because she was afraid he’d leave. Perhaps whatever happens with the Commonwealth in season 11 will cause Judith to have a change of heart and come clean about Rick. But even if she doesn’t, Daryl and Carol could still get tipped off about Rick’s survival. That could happen if one of them talks about Michonne’s reason for leaving with Virgil (Kevin Carroll), who was seen arriving at Alexandria in the latest episode. Virgil was there when Michonne found traces of Rick, so he could certainly shed some light on that.

Once they get answers about Rick – whether it be from Judith or Virgil – Daryl and Carol could set out in pursuit of Rick. It’s also possible that by the end of season 11, they’ll have a good lead to go on. Their interactions with the Commonwealth could give them information on the CRM or at least something to work with. Their decision to leave Alexandria to find Rick can be how their Walking Dead story ends, and how their spinoff begins. A season-long story can center on their search. The show could come to a conclusion once they arrive at their destination. This move could be good for the movies, because it feels only fitting that Rick’s most trusted ally play a role in his final Walking Dead arc.

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